I acknowledge the negative connotations surrounding selfish behaviors and the desire to exude qualities such as generosity, sympathy and compassion. However, I have learned that all concepts have context! To be self-ish, as presented by clothing brand and creative designer of Self-ish Artistry, Jasmine Preston; is to be excessively concerned with ones self. Prioritizing self care and self love to prepare ourselves to be better givers. Remnants of the statement, you can’t pour from an empty cup. In a joint venture with Self-ish Artistry, I am exploring all the ways we can ensure we are operating at the highest level as individuals and how that correlates to increased quality of work, enhanced relationships and healthier emotional expectations. In times of heightened social anxieties, mental instability and perpetually toxic communication, a fortified self identity can literally be the difference between life and death. And please take my words in proper context in this case as well. I believe that love, respect and expectations begin within, then attract and/or allow what we believe is acceptable. As we approach Black History Month (and Valentine’s Day) Let’s focus on positive self image, improved self esteem and practice self care with a purpose! Support the vision of young Queen Jasmine Preston, explore her look book and purchase your Self-ish T-shirt Today!!



I’m Self-ish!!!!!

Kathy Lewis