ok, So I got engaged Labor Day weekend!

Bae and I met at the  Made in America Music Festival in Philly in 2017. He was with his guys, I was with my girls. We were both involved with individuals we have a lot of respect for. Houston flights were affected by Hurricane Harvey and my return flight was postponed for several hours. Guess who was the only one left in the city to pass the time with.. Fast forward Labor Day weekend, 2018. We are in Tulum to celebrate his bday and he pops the question. I wont challenge your attention span, to divulge the details of our 1 year courtship, long distance and how it challenged my trust issues and his ideals of commitment. I am a divorced single mother, completely over the dating pool, he has never been married, no children. 1 year, 1 surprise proposal and one thousand mosquito bites later, the most important take away I'd like my readers to have is Love is patient. No duration of time, no distance or disappointment can compare to the peace and joy it brings. You will get your time back! I promise! xo, Kat

Kathy Lewis