When Past meets Future; introducing hubby to baby daddy

By now you know, I am long divorced. We have a daughter, 10 yr old Ashtyn. I am newly engaged and it’s time to start blending. Not Jada and Will Smith, join us on vacation blending, but how can we continue to ensure our child is emotionally secure during this transition blending.  Baby daddy has been in a relationship for many years with a young lady I like. He did not give me a formal introduction before exposing my child to her. Single mothers and fathers; what was your first knowledge of or encounter with the new partner like? I have a cordial and respectful relationship with the ex, our only point of discord is his lack of financial support. I have survived tough times without his help and may be seemingly more financially stable than him. But low-key, high -key  want to ask Him and his partner what they discuss regarding his lack of support. (side note, she also has a daughter, same age with an absentee father. SMH.) Baby daddy is standing in the gap for 1 father, while inadvertently creating a void for his own child. My poem “Child Support” has become a fan favorite. Live on my YouTube Channel now. Take a listen to learn my position and share your comments and experiences! We are planning to meet over dinner around the holidays, I’ll let you all know how it goes, lol. xo,


Kathy Lewis