Produced my first show! Killin em Softly; The recap

Any creative will tell you, the joy of creating and sharing is met with equal anxiety when you extend yourself to production and expectations. The Venue: seats 125. The goal: sell out! My friend and peer in poetry assisted with content/marketing creation. The first day of ticket sales was a success, double digits right out the gate. The following 2 weeks, crickets. I tasked myself with believing there was value in my project and putting the consistent marketing behind my belief to create awareness. I’ve tried my best not to get caught up in the whirl wind that is social media and oversharing, so that was difficult for me. No likes? doesn't matter, post it again tomorrow. lol. About 1 week out, we were more than half way to our attendance goal. (insert Praise break) Now, I had to ensure my production was worth the ticket price. How would I captivate the audience for an hour during my feature? What would I say that they hadn’t already heard? I’m happy to report the show was a success, seats were filled, lots of laughs, a few moments tugged at the heart, throw  in some praise and worship, audience interaction and good drinks! Catch show highlights on my IGTV channel and page! And watch, like, comment on one of my favorite moments; Mime interpretation of my piece “Hide and Seek” by talented mime duo, Destined II Mime. Live today on my YouTube Channel! (all links on home page)

until next time,



Kathy Lewis