Spoken By Kathleen


Houston native.
Texas Tech University Grad with an Education focus, Mass communications/Advertising and English.

Reputable studies have concluded that fear of public speaking is thought of by most as a more pervasive concern than death!

I overcame my fear of public speaking at a young age, participating in speech, debate poetry and prose in middle school.  Before that, I was introverted. I preferred independent play inside, thrived in academia but displayed poor social skills. I experienced bullying; developed insecurities about my hair texture, clothing and acceptance by cool kids. My mother frequently scorned me about being a “cry baby.”

I was sensitive, and my feelings were easily hurt. Her words still ring in my ear, “if anyone and everyone can break you and make you cry, how will you survive this life? (particularly as a minority woman)



Middle school was my introduction to debate team and team sports, the rest is history.  I’ve grown into one tough cookie, lol. Much of my community work involves engagement and inspiration of young people, particularly those from non-traditional households. It is common knowledge that this demographic has a disparate propensity to struggle academically or interact with consistent mentors. Finding my voice and developing my communication skills enabled me to excel in professional, personal and creative pursuits. That skill set has carried me further than any other single exposure. I remain a student of the art to co-parent effectively, collaborate on projects and evolve as a writer/speaker.   My experiences and observations have solidified my position on the importance of written/oral competence for young people as they begin to navigate conflict, relationships, emotional trauma and social pressures.

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"I’m continuing to master my mouth; the art of words, thoughts, faith as they are the seeds of life planted to grow the desires of my heart."